The Kay and Craig Broeder Preventive Health Female Cancer Fund Managed By American College of Sports Medicine

The fight against ovarian cancer requires a multi-level approach. This approach should include primary physician care training, sound medical invention, preventive and treatment behavior programs in nutrition and physical activity that are research based. In addition, funding support for this disease needs a strong national collaboration across many medical and fund raising cancer organizations.

My dream to cycle the perimeter of United States (Craig) was developed out of a personal decision several years ago to utilize my 30 year love of cycling and my current career as a preventive medicine nutrition and physical activity researcher to do something special to honor my wife in her 20th year of surviving ovarian cancer. The ending date August 25, 2009, was also our 25th wedding anniversary. When I decided  to make a personal and professional difference to celebrate my wife’s survival of ovarian cancer, I personally could not envision the challenges and end coming when I thought of all the hours and miles on the bike, mountains, winds, heat, rain, and the cold I would encounter as a 55 year old average Joe trying to go beyond his physical limits. The 12 months prior to and including the ride, according to my cycle meters, I road a bike approximately 20,000 miles.

But, despite the miles and miles of riding before and during my ride, whatever I faced on this journey, it was nothing compared to what every cancer patient faces when they are diagnosed and doctors tell them about the challenges of chemo, radiation, surgery, loss of life quality, loss of jobs, family challenges, and the potential of a complete loss of life.  In comparison, this ride was a cakewalk.  Ok. I did not feel like that but I am sure it is compared to the battles a cancer patient must  face. You are my heroes!

Inaugural Event


Between May 15th and August 25th, I successfully completed riding around the perimeter US a states in 91.5 days of riding covering 9,191 miles total. Our goal was to raise awarenes and money for education, exercise, and nutrition ovarian cancer research for the “Craig & Kay Broeder Preventive Health Cancer Foundation”. This foundation has been established for us by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Photograph by Kay Broeder

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We are currently planning one important organization item and two new super big events. 

Our website was dramatically altered when Apple switched from MeMobile to iCLOUD. As a result, we have not been able use a ton of of pictures and blog items from our site. We are now working behind the scenes to get a new web site up and running that will include past and current event video, pictures, and blogs. Our release date is June 2012.
USA Summer of 2013- BFOC is working with another group in the Chicago area that will be specializing in setting up ultra-endurance funding raising cycling events for new or experienced cyclists want raise money for a cause. I have agreed to assist in setting up ultra-endruance training and testing clinic events across the United States plus help to develop an online ultra-endurance training program web site. The target for the first major event is 2014! Believe when I tell you this event will be one of the largest cycling charity events of its kind to ever take place. Cannot wait to the reach point I can share all details with you.
New Zealand Perimeter Ride (2014-2015) -  In 2014 my wife will be a 30 year clear cell ovarian cancer survivor. I will have already turned 60 years old by then. To celebrate her survival and give testimony to the blessings of staying physically fit and healthy into my 60s through great activity practices, quality diet, and a life lived harmony and balance, I am planning on riding both islands of New Zealand as quickly as possible to raise moneys for our ACSM female cancer fund. If I continue to maintain my current health and training levels, my goal is to complete the event with a daily ride average of 125 to 150 miles per day. My goal is to be the fastest 60 year old to have completed riding the perimeter of one of the most beautiful countries in the world!!!